Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Thank you Miss Moss for the introduction of this brand, Samuji, not only do I love the style of the simple fashion pieces, and the fantastic model but wow! check out the amazing use of  splodgy paint graphics .......totally awesome and makes the photography look so elegant!! teehee! did, I just write 'awesome'??!! 

I think I am slightly delirious..........and the reason being is that upon the 7 o'clock chime of Lambeth Town Hall bells this evening, the monster mission was accomplished! I have finally finished my Business Plan for cuvcuv, the brand, and I now cant wait to approach the right people for investment......I feel so ready - armed with passion, commitment and a whole lot of determination! I just need to print and proof read and bind by Friday! Its been a hellova journey......and by no means over yet...

Which means I'm back into the swing of relaying lots more news and chewing the cultural cud and hope you continue to travel with me on my quest to get cuvcuv up and running this Autumn! 

Relax, sit back and enjoy a celebratory ditty from Steve Miller Band xx

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