Sunday, 8 September 2013

A label of love

So, what am I up to here at cuvcuv? I thought it was about time to update you as its been a few weeks, sorry! and theres lots to tell!

I have been embroiled in the task of sourcing eco friendly fabric, custom made cuvcuv labels in the UK which has proved particularly difficult to complete on time. 
I'm really quite shocked that no one (yet to my knowledge) is offering that service. If anyone does know of a source, then please share the details as I have had to take the job on myself! Equally, if anyone wishes to take it on, there's an obvious gap in the UK market to print on fabric other than polyester! I'm sure there's other companies that wish to use an alternative. 
In the end I sourced 100% organic grass hemp by the meter, exactly what I was looking for, from The Hemp Shop who were so prompt with their next day deliveries, thank goodness, as its all been a bit hair-raisingly last minute! Next was to create a cuvcuv stamp which was fairly easy thanks to the internet. 

materials at the ready

measuring 60mm x 30mm

pencil dotting in straight lines along the weft of the fabric


working in a fabric shop post Uni came in handy when cutting 1000s of labels straight

100s and 100s

Really pleased with them!

that box was soon overflowing

packed to send to Indonesia

how it will look on a cuvcuv table runner
I have to say it was a fairly long and laborious mission to undertake; sizing up, stamping and cutting out 2500 labels with dimensions of 60mm x 30mm that my back ached and my eyes stung but to be honest, it was necessary and worth it. Luckily I get to see them in two weeks' time when I visit Lana's workshop. 

Athough my business planning has been in great detail, there's just some things you can not plan for. Which makes me now think my business plan is a bit like my birth plan - bears no resemblance to what actually happens...........ohhh noooooo!!!!

'Its all a learning' as they say and that saying assumes greater prevalence the older I get.