Saturday, 15 June 2013

A VERY belated Clerkenwell Design Show shout out!

One of my favourite shows to go to is at the Farmiloe Building in Clerkenwell, its just such a fabulous building! Unfortunately I didnt have my partner in crime Polly Granville this time......boooo! so I didnt ponder and pontificate over extremely moderrrn furniture design that seems usually slightly too high brow for me, which was a shame as actually these guys know what they are talking about, have such skill and are hugely passionate about shape and form, structure and sculpture of their latest newby.
Clerkenwell Design Show is by far one of the more intriguing shows I've been to in my career and being fairly new and getting better for innovation every time, is a real buzz for me! 

So, ahem, a couple of gems came my way that I'd like to tell you about! 
Tom Housden at Hand and Eye Studios......such beautiful lighting! a really well curated and presented stand - with many different finishes, I particularly liked the terracotta with the organic dipping into the glaze.........

Think I just fell in love with the simple shapes yet potent colour palette and beautiful architecture of style - me thinks a project with them would suit cuvcuv - watch this space!

The other stand-out for me was a bunny chair and reindeer chair in the Detention Centre - I know, so great! Merve Kahraman 

Funny how researching her she studied Industrial design when wow! I thought she was some mad anachist who played around with humour and satire - or maybe I'm missing the point! either way she captured my imagination and made me wonder why! 

And finally, Sampling is a company from Latvia and fuse contrasting fabrics to create very simple and beautiful products. I just absolutely love the knitted woolly element with the wood, so soft and in very muted colours of grey and blue...CUTE!  

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