Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hello is there anybody out there....?

Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb is now erupting in my brain as cuvcuv blog/facebook page goes live today!

My attention and focus goes to you now, my lovely prospective customers and friends as I work to get this brand out there. Please check out my posts to keep up with how cuvcuv is progressing.

Its been nearly four years since stumbling across Lana's workshop in Indonesia in May 2009. I have since had my daughter Cecilia, who as planned, was conceived on our trip and as she has only just had her third birthday, I have been beavering away at making this happen for probably about two years.

I'm so excited about getting a reaction and I cant wait to get my first order! 

I have plans to hit the independents on my list this week and hope I give the chosen buyers something to think and get passionate about.

My top 10 are as follows:

Graham and Green

Couverture and Garbstore

Labour and Wait

Handmade Interiors


Ben Pentreath



Petersham Nurseries

Olive loves Alfie

I love these brands! I love what they do and hail their ethos. Every season I salivate over their new ranges, and with great determination and style they have supported and kept like-minded creative souls in business. 

I can see cuvcuv's home storage sitting really well within these brands - watch this space and wish me luck!

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