Friday, 15 March 2013

focus focus

I met another Ruth last Summer at my friend Toni’s house. Quite rare for 2 Ruths to be in the same room together, even more so to be in the same industry and so we had a lot to talk about, her from John Lewis and me ex House of Fraser. Through her I found out about a new venture in Brixton, Treehouse, Work and Play

It is really affordable and ran by 2 very down to earth and friendly people, Albert and Grace. Theres space for the children to play, read, draw and they advocate healthy living and so Organix foods and drinks are available as refreshments.
I've been using their hot-desking service a few times recently and for £3 an hour its rude not to!

Ruth inspired me into thinking about pulling together a group of people as a focus group for research into my brand and boxes. So I posted a message on Crystal Palace mums and Streatham mums Facebook group to see who would be interested in participating.

To be honest, I really did fear that I wouldnt hear from anybody. No one would be interested. And the the paranoia set in.....what if no one likes my boxes? What if I get NO response at all….
As a budding entrepreneur/mumpreneur I am constantly being reminded to believe in my brand and myself and the rest will follow which is quite hard to sustain and sometimes just need to be reminded from real strong women.
Quote - Eleanor Roosevelt 

‘Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent’ and

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!’

And lo and behold! I had my first focus group last Friday which was a brilliant success! All who came loved the the story behind the brand, the boxes and the designs. They gave me plenty of positive feedback and I gained an insight into my prospective customer. 

Heres one question for your persusal:

Would it be of interest to you and would you be more likely to buy if the products were:

Fairtrade - %profit going back to the villagers
Eco friendly – production process eg mendong is a rapid renewable source
Or it doesn’t really interest you and you’d just buy based on the fact you liked the product?

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  1. I would definitely be more inclined to buy if the product is a) fairtrade - my kids are always scouting for the fairtrade stickers on food! and b) eco friendly, cos if we don't all pull our fingers out then there won't be an eco to be friendly with!