Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Going East

Ventured East to pick up my business cards from the Moo Shop this afternoon. The first time I have used Moo and I have to say they are blinkin good at what they do with a very quick turnaround! 
An opportunity arises this weekend to present my product to some local boutiques in Burnham Market so I have had to quickly throw together some business cards to attract these potential customers. Prospectives need to visually keep you in mind and as not all independent stores have the same customer profile, I chose these 3 different images:


modern classic


I selected Luxe Green with a matt finish, though maybe should have gone for gloss in hindsight but overall, as I cant miss out on possible business this Easter in 'Chelsea-on-Sea', I'm pleased with my initial print run. 

Cecilia and I made a day of it as Going East with a small child has to be counted as a day trip! So by fulfilling Cecilia's desire to 'go somewhere exciting mummy!' we braved the freezing weather and initially hung out at Spitalfields City Farm

so much fun! 

I lived East for a year and loved it for its balls-out, anything goes, vibrancy literally on its streets!

and we passed a really interesting looking shop down Commercial Street that has always been an intrigue but I have never felt the need to go in.....until now! 
Gardners' is Spitalfields' oldest family run business since 1870. A paper bag shop stuffed to the hilt with.........paper bags and it's proprietor is Paul Gardner. I'm almost sure if you met him you'd agree with Spitalfields Life 

"With his wavy grey locks, gentle face, sociable manner and innate decency,  Paul could have stepped from another age and it is a joy to meet someone who has successfully resisted the relentless imperative to haste and efficiency at any cost, that tyrannises our age and threatens to enslave us all. When you enter the shop, you enter Paul’s world and you discover it is a better place than the one outside."

So, we got chatting, of course we did..........and I concluded that he has to be the guy to work with on the branded cotton bags needed for the cuvcuv home storage range. Bespoke and made in England! Love it! 
So I bid him farewell by handing him a business card (ahem! haha!) and toddled off very happily to get warm in Spitalfields Market and to appease the little 'un with scrummy coffee and cake


  1. Oh nice! Glad you found someone gorgeous to get the bags from - so much better than job lot from china as I am sure many businesses do - go green, go local, go cuvcuv!

  2. woohoo! thanks yes, such an interesting story in itself that shop - has even kept its old facade! beautiful!

  3. I've always been intrigued (and a teeny bit intimidated!) by that shop... one day I'll have to poke my head around the door and explore :) Love the sound of the bags, and the moo cards (gotta love Moo)!

    1. And the guy in there is so interesting and its been in the family for sooo long - an institution! I know what you mean though, just glad I have an opportunity to do business locally!