Friday, 12 July 2013

big news!

Happiness in the cuvcuv house is......

........finally being able to place orders with Lana and the factory in Yogyakarta!

I'm ecstatic that everything is now actually happening
I have been working so hard on the monster plan and through all the stress, blood, sweat and tears.......
someone is taking me seriously and I finally have the support necessary to launch

I cant believe it!

I've been imagining the feeling I'd have when I can push the button on production, book my flight to Indonesia to discuss what's next, plan my India trip to rediscover the bangle makers I found in a remote village in Rajasthan and as tears filled my eyes in Kings Cross St Pancras station at 11am on 5th July 2013, it hit me that when you challenge yourself to make something happen, your dreams really can come true.

As we conducted our meeting in a faux English garden setting sat in deck chairs, drinking tea, it became apparent that cuvcuv was about to be catapulted into its next development stage of life and as my heart smile just got wider and wider! 

I've had my cuvcuv since I was born, I still have it...........I dont know what I'd do without it. It's the most personal item I have and that's why my company has taken it's name. It's not childish or silly but loved and cherished, incredibly soft still but now rather ripped, it's organic. 

I aspire to make cuvcuv global and to be in many many people's lives! 


  1. Just saw this Ruth - AMAZING news! xxxxx

    1. thanks Polly! yes, about time, teehee!!! xx

  2. EXCITING! Go you - I have no doubt you'll take cuvcuv all the way. So so thrilled for you! x

    1. thanks Mali - I love all your comments and on Pinterest too!!! thanks so much for the support and belief! x