Wednesday, 1 May 2013

the library

I dont know what I'd do without my Brixton Librarycuvcuv's business plan would never be nearly complete without that space.  
Likewise, Cecilia and I have our fortnightly escapades there to select books and stories and they always have a high turnover of new books for her to get excited about. We feel very lucky to still be able to utilise this local resource given there's so many local government cuts in this area.

And even though its literally down the road, I actually only discovered this last week: 
the fantastic word LIBRARY sculpture outside Clapham's library
by the eccentric and quirky artist Andrew Logan in 2012.

love this shot!
Great that it allowed the whole community to get involved!  

And glad I jumped off the bus to take some shots!

Ahh Woodstock!

Similarly I have been able to source a great deal of relevant retail market reserch from The British Library - its grand foyer exudes knowledge and fills me with awe every time I sense how much information can be sought from this free facility.

I'm still working on the 'monster' as its now become (the BP) and it's such a mammoth task to fulfill with so much evidence and information to give and assess. My strengths and weaknesses really become apparent when I have to do every little aspect of the business myself! Though I'm sure there is a massive sense of joy and self appreciation when it all comes to the moment, its just so blinkin hard

So at times like these we need a bit of Vashti Bunyan from the Album 'Just Another Diamond Day'

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