Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring in our step

Its not quite time to move to the country, though I yearn for the day, but instead we have brought the country to us in the shape of an allotment or as my little 3 year old keeps telling us 'its our 2nd home, mummy!'


Not technically a 2nd home but it certainly is the first piece of land I have been able to rent and pay for in full for a whole year! yippeee! Already we felt the community spirit of our 'other home' as we met some of our neighbours yesterday. Tim also noticed a root vegetable ready for harvest that had fortunately been left on 'our land' and so I got stuck into digging for treasure and found a whole load of parsnips!


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Parsnip and Apple soup c/o Prue Leith with sour dough bread from the Blackbird Bakery - yummy!

By the way, check out the edible bustop. What a blinkin great idea! one lives round the corner from me - we spotted strawberry plants emerging - and the other has the most fantastically tall sunflowers and courgettes growing in the height of Summer. Love it! and I totally support the social element behind it - imputting time and energy as a community. Wouldnt it be great if this was implemented all over the country?!


  1. Lovely post Ruthie, and what a great find with the parsnips!

  2. and their harvest doesnt stop there! shout the next time you do a roast and some parsnips will be yours!

  3. Allotment - brilliant. There is talk of signing up for one here too. What a bonus that the previous holders left you a tasty treat :) A country full of edible bus stops would be a thing of wonder (though you might want to give the straws a bit of a rinse before tucking in, especially on some of the busier routes! ;) )

    Happy growing!